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Ascension Student Contract

I, understand that this program will:   

  • Teach me the different modalities of healing and supporting techniques.   
  • Develop my intuition for readings, healing purposes and personal guidance.   
  • Challenge my ego and beliefs, which may result in consequences, including feeling triggered, and facing my shadow side.   
  • Further advance my healing journey.   

I understand I may be triggered to quit but I agree and commit to staying the course and completing this class and this part of my journey.

I vow when I am triggered or challenged, I will work through it with the help of my teacher and/or classmates, even if they are the trigger.   

I vow to avoid comparing myself to others.   

I vow to encourage myself and focus on being proud and acknowledging my lessons and accomplishments.   

I vow to face my ego and embrace my dark side (self-acceptance.)   

I commit to the required number of healings unless given written permission from my teacher. I give my permission for my healer and student teacher to discuss my healing process and any concerns that I may have in my healing journey. This permission is also extended to Donna being included if necessary.  

I commit to attending all classes. In the event of a missed class, I vow to listen to the recorded material and contact the teacher for questions, concerns and/or a classmate to practice the missed techniques.   

I commit to practicing at least twice a week (Sunday practices and Support Group)   

I commit to my reading assignments and any other homework I may receive from my teacher. My homework is to be turned in at the beginning of each class so it can be returned to me before class ends.  I will also take responsibility for the fact that I will get out what I put in and I will apply what I learn to my life. I realize this is a healing journey as well as an educational course.   

I will be active in my class community and keep my teachers up on any personal matters that could affect my participation or performance.

I will seek help working through any obstacles which may arise during the time of the program.

I understand my classmates and teachers will be my biggest support on my journey of ascension and in developing as a healer.

I acknowledge that at certain points it might be difficult to be open and honest or work through any confusion, but I will do my best.

I understand I do not have to be perfect to be a healer, however,

I do have to surrender and be willing to be a channel for healing, advice, and miracles when possible. I surrender to this process.     

I will do what it takes and face my fears and resistance.   

I recognize I may not claim inner child healing, ascension healing, dismantling, rewiring, or intuitive healing as my modality unless I complete these courses by passing my tests and receiving my diploma certificate.  

I will not teach, divulge, disclose, or communicate any knowledge, techniques, or educational materials I learn or use in this program to any third party without prior approval from my teacher. This includes but is not limited to manuals and videos. I understand that if I do, I may be taken to court and this contract will be used as evidence.   

I understand if I miss a monthly healing, it cannot be made up.  

If I experience any pain or discomfort during a session, I will immediately inform the practitioner.

I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the practitioner of any changes to my medical health profile and that the practitioner will not be held liable for anything resulting from my failure to do so.  

What to do when another student, teacher, or admin come to you with a problem about another student, teacher, or admin:

Conduct yourself in a mature manner:

  1. Do not gossip or speak about others in a negative way to their face or behind their back.
  2. Avoid hanging out or developing personal friendships with students, especially your student healer - create and maintain relationship boundaries. If you do choose to become friends, they should be assigned another healer. 
  3. Do not assume people are wrong - look at triggering. Example: Back up or be neutral “I’ll check into it”. 
  • Do not support their complaint, but let them feel heard. Always support the entity, students, teachers, and admin. 
  • Address the situation after speaking to Devraj.
  • Do not discuss the situation with other teachers.
  • Devraj will discuss with the group as a whole for a lesson for all. 

I realize if I do quit, I am still obligated to pay for the course in full in agreement to my payment plans if I haven’t paid in full. I realize there are no refunds under any circumstances. I agree I will not remove my credit card from the file for automatic payments for any reason. 

If I get a new credit card/bank card, I will notify Ascension immediately to update the records before any payment is withdrawn/due. 

If I need to modify the terms of my payment date, when it is withdrawn, how much, or how often, I understand I need to notify Ascension immediately. I understand that a new contract will have to be signed with the new terms, voiding out the previous contract. 

I understand that by opting in to this agreement, I fully release and hold harmless Donna Lakes, Donna Lakes LLC and the Ascension School of Healing Arts, and all other certified practitioners and student teachers I may work with during my classes and healing sessions at the Ascension Healing Center. I release them from and against any and all claims or liability of any kind arising out of or in connection with my session(s) and/or classes. 

Healer Program Year 1 (Monthly Payments)

During your 148-Week Enrollment, you'll take the following courses:

  • 12-Week Managing Your Energy Course
  • 12-Week Intuitive Development Course
  • 12-Week Energy Healing Course
  • 12-Week Self-Healing Course


  • You'll receive 12 Individual Healings ($1200 Value) from an Ascension School of Healing Arts healer
  • 48 LIVE 90-minute In-Person or Live Online sessions for exercises and practice reading and channeling for yourself and others.
  • Online Access to Audio Healings, Meditations and Training Videos to Open & Develop Claires and Spiritual Senses
  • In-person practice, experience of exercises and practice reading and channeling for yourself and others.
  • Guidance from Teachers including Questions & Answers
Please note that this purchase is for educational purposes only. While these techniques have been widely practiced and proven effective, results may vary. It's important to remember that this package is not intended to replace professional medical or psychological advice.

What People Are Saying:

This is a wonderful healing place that will change your life! The teachers are very loving and kind and you will learn new, positive, ways of dealing with challenges and relationships. You will learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions to empower your life and live from a place of love. You will also grow spiritually and meet others who are also on a similar spiritual journey, and gain a community where you can safely share your experiences. I am in my second year of the healer program and my spiritual journey has expanded far beyond all my expectations. When you work on your own healing, it extends to all those around you as well.

Deborah Ann

Working with Donna lakes and the other healers has been amazing. Joining this place felt like home to me. I've learned a lot and look forward to new things within this program. I'm excited to be back I love that you can take your time it's not a rush but more of understandings. I appreciate a lot of the Donna Lakes work and what she put together for people who want to better themselves in life with all she offer us here. It makes a difference in our everyday life the knowledge that can be spread. You will also meet great people here.

Renee C

I completed all the courses for the Healer Program year one and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience. During the program I was able to call my power back, gain more self confidence and find more id my worth. I still have work to do, but the tools and exercises I received during this program helped me tremendously! So much so, that I even found the courage to set boundaries and quit a job that was a huge win for me! Thank you Donna, all the teachers and my fellow students for everything!! I highly recommend any healings and the healer program from ASHA!

Kim W.