Ascension School of

Healing Arts

It's no accident you found ASHA. The universe has guided you here. 

Our school offers a transformative
learning experience that will empower

We provide a safe space for your self healing journey and healer certifications.

Come ascend with us!

(Formerly known as Ascension Healing Arts Center)

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How to Work With Us?

Healing Courses 

Develop yourself with courses designed to support your personal journey to heal from trauma, improve mental health, and step into your power!

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Our individual healing services support your spiritual and wellness journey. 

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Certifications & Self Healing Programs

At our school we provide certifications and transformative programs.


Workshops & Events

Join us at one of our drop-in workshops to learn more about the energetic and spiritual world around us.


Free Meditation

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Level Up Your Healing Skills

After completing our transformative Reiki Practitioner Classes and 12-week programs:

  • Managing Your Energy
  • Intuitive Development
  • Self-Healing
  • Energy Healing

Continue your education to become a Certified Ascension Healer with certifications in:

  • Subconscious Reprogramming
  • Inner Child Healing¬†
  • Past Life Healing
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Hello, I'm Donna (Devraj)

It's no accident you have landed here, whether or not you are looking for deep transformation for yourself and your life or you are looking to help others with their healing process. Relax because you have come to the right place. Let's celebrate about finding each other!  

Here at ASHA we are all about helping humanity elevate its consciousness. How we accomplish this is through doing our own inner work. 

My intention in starting this school was to help people step into their power and compliment the mental health community. I believe we are in auspicious times for human evolution. My purpose is to help this process of Ascension. 

What resonates with me, Ascension is the process of stepping into our power via self love. When we have a better relationship with ourselves, we create better relationship with others and the earth. Leading us to a new empowered way of being!

"I have took a couple different classes here. Everyone who works here or attends here is very welcoming, open and extremely helpful. They generally care about helping you on your spiritual journey. The classes are very intimate sizing you have fun ask any questions everyone truly tries to help you and its nice to know you are not alone. i Absolutely love this place!"
-Mia Pongracz, 5 stars
"I started going to the center to do healing work with Donna. I was shocked at how spot on the healing support was! I enjoyed my sessions and the work so much that I decided to enroll in classes there too. I've really enjoyed the classes as well. We are covering a wide variety of topics around intuition and healing, and I like that the portion of the program I'm taking right now is focused on healing yourself. There is also a lot of support built into the program, which is great too because healing is not always an easy process! Overall, I've really enjoyed my experiences and the people I've gotten to work with at the Ascension Healing Arts Center, and I would definitely recommend it!"
-Cassie W. 5 stars
"So thankful for this place! If you are on a healing journey and need some guidance, Ascension is the perfect place. I’m currently taking the healing class and I could go on and on how wonderful it is! Donna is funny and so down to earth and just fun to learn from. My healer Heather is also a Godsend Extremely grateful for this place."
-Esperanza Gonzales, 5 stars

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Where to Find Us (Free Private Parking Available)

Ascension School of Healing Arts,
1938 Burdette, Ste 108 Ferndale, MI 48220