Everyone has a unique Spiritual journey. No matter where you are in that journey, following your intuition can help you reach your goals and create more freedom in your life.


I'm Donna Lakes


I am the Founder and Owner of Ascension School of Healing Arts (ASHA) and Ascension Healing Arts Center!
I've been practicing Energy Healing since 1994 and was certified as a Master in 1999. I was also trained in myomassology under Irene Gauthier in 1997. In 2000 I began teaching Reiki, Intuitive Development, and Healing with The Holy Spirit. I've been doing healings on clients since 1998, for over 25 years. In 2006, I developed my Managing Your Energy class. Through the years, I channeled the Inner-child Healing, Past Life Healing, Subconscious Reprogramming Methods, and Self Healing courses. The type of healing that I facilitate, I now call Ascension Healing.
My purpose is to assist the collective in ascending to Christ Consciousness! My courses are designed to help you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually mature. Ultimately lifting you into higher consciousness in the physical body.

My Story

From birth, I've always had a close relationship with God and have been intuitive. I was told long ago, as I was growing up, that our society is lacking integrity and is not in service to the greater good of the whole. 

I was also told that our institutions and systems need to change worldwide. That change begins within each of us. We need to learn to fill ourselves up and overflow versus competing for energy, as we have done for thousands of years. 

Each of us has to step into self-realization and self-love, and our God given true power. The Holy Spirit taught and guided me little by little to develop this type of healing that myself and staff facilitate and teach today. 

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Why I Started Ascension


Holy Spirit directed me to:
  • Build a school, ASHA, and they will come. They did!
  • Assist revamping mental health systems.
  • Make a Holistic college, everyone needs this type of healing.
Myself and the staff at ASHA are excited, as we know the Healer Programs will continue to change lives and grow I was encouraged by Holy Spirit to start a school for my healing program and allow it to become bigger than my teachings to create a college for holistic healing. 
I was also instructed to create a New Paradigm Holistic Center and other ideas to help change the consciousness of humanity and influence new paradigm education, business mental health, and physical health systems! 
I am an Ascension Coach as well as a new paradigm visionary. I bring people together to create new ways of being and doing. I was told to build it, and they will come. They did, have & do!



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