Intuitive Energy Healing

12-Week Course

Come join us for this in-depth experience of learning energy healing!

Now you've taken Reiki and you want to become a healer this is the opportunity to get guidance wile you build your confidence as a healer! Master all you learned in Reiki and learn more! 

Each week you will practice Reiki and Intuitive Healing. 

*Prerequisites: Reiki 1&2, Managing Your Energy and Intuitive Development.  

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Master Collecting Limiting Beliefs

This course can be your own healing process & to help family members or as part of the Healer Certification Program. 

The Course Topics Include:

  1. Master hands on Reiki techniques. 
  2. Master distance Reiki.
  3. Master techniques for easing viral and bacterial infections, upper respiratory, lung clearing, sinus, ears and gut issues. 
  4. Repairing the aura.
  5. Healing for the mentally ill. 
  6. Master the symbols. 
  7. Reading the Akashic records via the chakras.
  8. Reconnecting energy body to the physical body. 
  9. Reading the message of energy bodies expressions. 
  10. Activating DNA. 
  11. Spinal Realignment. 
  12. Using intuition while performing reiki. 
  13. Giving intuitive advice and life coaching while doing Reiki. 
  14. Collecting Beliefs that create energetic blocks
  15. Following intuitive guidance while healing and more.


How The Course Works

  1. Receive a monthly healing. 
  2. Access to your student portal. 
  3. Watch your weekly videos.
  4. Read the manual.
  5. Attend each course weekly. 
  6. Ask your questions in regards to the videos.
  7. Practice the weekly exercises in class.
  8. Turn in your homework weekly. 
  9. Do your guided meditations.
  10. You can attend in-person, virtually or do a self-paced (on your own time) option. Choose the best option for you!
  11. If you are becoming a healer, test out of each course with an ASHA instructor. 

Each course can be paid per individual course or if you are interested in becoming a certified healer you can purchase the full Healer Program; which includes all 4 of our 12-week self-healing courses. If you pay for the year in full you this will save you $200 on the full program. Click Here to View Our Healer Program 


The Intuitive Energy Healing 
12-week Course 

Is for You If You... 

  • Want to advance your Reiki skills
  • Become an Intuitive Certified Healer
  • Become an Ascension Healer
  • Become a Medical Intuitive 
  • Advance to energetic surgery and energy medicine
  • Become an extra amazing bodyworker or massage therapist or other types of holistic healer 

Intuitive Energy Healing

12-Week Course



  • Access to your Student Portal
  • 12-week Intuitive Energy Healing classes
  • Manual
  • Instructional Exercise Videos in Student Portal
  • Guided Audio Meditations
  • Class Recordings
  • Universal Belief Healing Audios

Add-On's Available: 

Healings (Distant or In-Person) ($100/session) 

Flower Essences ($15)

Coming Soon

Intuitive Energy Healing Interest (& Waitlist) Form

If you are hesitant that you are NOT ready to get started today submit your questions or you are interested in attending our next class. Submit the form and one of our ASHA admin will contact you.

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