Intuitive Development

Unleash Your Intuitive Powers!


Tap into the extraordinary power of your intuition with our life-changing Intuitive Development Course led by Donna Lakes. Cultivate a profound connection with your intuition to open endless possibilities for personal guidance and positively impacting others. Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to make your intuitive dreams a reality.

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12-Week Course

Meet In-Person or Live Online for 90-Minutes once a week for interactive exercises, practice readings and channeling.

Online Portal Access

Includes Training Videos, Manuals and Meditations and if you miss a Live Session, it's recorded for you to watch later!

3 Individual Healing Sessions

You'll receive one Personal Attunement and two Individual Healings from one of our Healers! 



Intuitive Development

12-Week Course

Attend In-Person or Online!

Ascension School of Healing Arts
1938 Burdette St. Suite 108
Ferndale, MI 48220
(Free Private Parking)

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Our course is conveniently scheduled once a week, offering you the freedom to decide whether to join us in person or by video through our online portal. Our portal gives you access to our extensive collection of course materials, including engaging video and audio lessons. Don't worry if unexpected circumstances arise; we've got you covered! Every live class is recorded, so you won't miss out on any valuable lesson. With our course, you'll be sure to complete every step of the journey towards your growth and success!


Energy Hook Up Meditation 

Immerse yourself in the transformative essence of the Tree Meditation – a practice designed to anchor, shield, and unite your being. This guided meditation serves as a catalyst for unlocking your intuitive prowess and expanding your spiritual senses. Embrace the divine feminine energy of receptivity, creativity, nurturing, and unwavering faith as you delve into this empowering experience. Strengthen your energy field, elevate your vibration, and welcome larger reserves of cosmic energy into your existence. Best of all, this FREE AUDIO MEDITATION is available for your daily enrichment. Harness the power of connection and rejuvenate your soul with each meditative session.