Hello, I'm Michael

Ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of flower essences? Then you're in the right place.


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Hello I'm Michael

Ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of flower essences? Then you're in the right place.

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Hello, and welcome to my page!

I'm Michael Allison

I am a certified wellness practitioner at Ascension School Of Healing Arts. I knew I was meant to help others with my intuitive and innate spiritual gifts. COVID-19 prompted me to change my career path, leading me to study, become certified in various alternative wellness modalities, and become an ordained minister at The Universal Light Church.


I aim to assist you on your wellness journey inside and out using a combination of energy healing, vibrational therapy, meridian therapy, herbal remedies, and intuition to offer specialized services tailored to your needs. I offer my services in person and distance and packages, including services for children and animals.


As the founder of Prismatic Flower Essences LLC, I offer flower essence blends, aura cleansing sprays, and distance energy healing attunements with newer energy healing systems. These unique attunements allow you to learn vibrational energy you can use anytime through symbols, mantras, and intention. 

My distance attunements work just as well as in-person or group attunements. I have seen incredible results from our clients. My goal is to help you find balance and harmony within yourself. 

Wellness Devices & More

At the heart of my mission lies my affiliation with outstanding companies that provide cutting-edge, wellness-enhancing products. I strive to inspire individuals to prioritize their health and well-being through our partnerships.

  • Somavedic: It's an incredible device designed on the principle of controlled release of energy. This device uses precious and semi-precious stones that create a coherent field. And this field can cover more than 2,800+ square feet of space. It can help you feel more balanced, focused, and energized.
  • Ark Crystals: Their approach is designed to optimize energy coupling with the structure of the quantum vacuum. With Ark Crystals, you can experience life-enhancing benefits beyond anything you've ever imagined.
  • Analemma: Its revolutionary technology transforms ordinary drinking water into a coherent, liquid crystalline state. Imagine the benefits this could bring to your health and well-being.

Advanced Botanical Skincare

At my shop, I believe in partnering with nature. That's why I offer advanced, natural-based skincare. I want to help you let your natural beauty shine. The products are affordable, so you don't have to break the bank.

  • ¬†That Beetch Skincare:¬†That Beetch is about quality. That means no cutting corners and only using safe, potent ingredients to create products that work.¬†


Ascension Healer Flower Essence Set


This set contains the following essences:

Boundaries Blend to help set up healthy boundaries.

Shadow Work Blend to work on your shadow self.

Intuition Blend is an excellent blend to enhance your intuition.

Inner Child Blend to work through internal child issues and limiting beliefs.

Trauma Blend to assist in the release of past traumas.


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Somavedic Ruby


The intention was to create a model, which would, apart from the standard functions, also support spiritual growth, encourage kindness and open hearts.

Somavedic Ruby has many functions such as:

  • Promotes spiritual growth
  • Stimulates heart chakra activity puts the heart in balance
  • It evokes positive dreams and clear visual images
  • It encourages pineal gland activity

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Analemma Water Wand


The physical state of water plays a vital role in the biology of life.

A«Ļalemma is a tool that enhances the quality of your drinking water by transforming it into a coherent, liquid crystalline state. A groundbreaking technology with scientifically proven benefits, this water was made for all living beings on Earth.

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ARK Crystals


Space is full of fluctuating energy‚ÄĒtechnically called quantum vacuum energy. The ARK crystal is precision-engineered to specifically couple with the vacuum structure to harness and allow optimal access to that energy, generating greater system coherence and enhancing the bioavailability of water.

The ARK crystal is a wearable device. Engineered to serve as a tool for individuals to access and align with the coherent and harmonic frequencies of the quantum vacuum field, this technology supports overall well-being. It promotes a greater sense of connection and awareness.

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Aroma Point Reiki Certification Self-Study Course


Aroma Point Reiki, or Acu Aroma Reiki, refers to a collection of works combining the healing potency of essential oils and energy healing with specific acupoints or body zones to catalyze profound shifts in the body, mind, and spirit. It is a gentle, wholly safe, yet exceptionally effective healing modality that engages the energetic potential hidden within essential oils.

The practice itself involves placing key, properly diluted oils on specific acupoints, chakras, or reflex zones on the body to activate energetic and physiological changes.

Whether you are an Acupuncturist, Body Worker, Energy Worker, Nurse, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, or "everyday healer" in your home and community, you and your clients and loved ones will benefit magnificently!

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Intuition Aura Spray


The Intuition Formula is a blend that helps open the third eye chakra and establish stronger instincts. It also helps raise your vibration, give you deeper awareness, and enhance your clairvoyant energies.

The Intuition Formula benefits mediums and tarot readers by helping them enhance their intuition when performing readings and psychic services. It's also an excellent tool for intuitive healers and reiki practitioners and can be worn as a beautiful, long-lasting fragrance.

To use: Spray around your aura to cleanse your energy body and lift your vibration. In spaces, spray in the corners of a room to remove negative energies.

Embark on a fragrant journey of healing and transformation.

Areas Of Focus:

  • Emotional Wellness & Support
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Emotional Release

Services Offered

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Holistic Certifications

  • Reiki Master Certification & Reiki Master Instructor
  • EarSeeds Academy 2023
  • Aroma Point Reiki Practitioner Certification to Waves Of Change Wellness with Angela Sidlo 2021
  • Gemmotherapy Practitioner with Lauren Hubele 2021
  • Crystal Healing Bodyworker at Evolve Healing Institute with Kate Montello
    Ho’oponopono Practitioner from the Global Science Foundation 2021
  • Sound Touch Practitioner with Creativity Connection with Michele Gervais 2021
  • Holistic Flower Essence Therapy at the Essence Of Healing with Leonie Blackwell 2021
  • Advanced Floral Acupuncture Flora Corona with Deborah Craydon
  • Alaskan Essences Level 3 with Judith Polerands 2020
  • Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church 2021
  • Aromatherapy Certification from the Center Of Excellence 2020
  • Aroma Point Therapy Certification from Waves Of Change Wellness with Angela Sidlo 2020
  • Spirit In Nature Essences with Lila Devi 2020
  • Bach Flower Remedies with the Center Of Excellence 2020
  • Certified Life Coach with Transformational Academy 2020

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