More on Letting Go of Judgment by Donna Lakes

self development Mar 22, 2024
More on Letting Go of Judgment by Donna Lakes

I noticed that even in our spiritual community, there is a lot of gossip and judgment. Gossip is when you talk about someone in judgment, not observation. I also noticed that people would form an opinion of someone and hold that person in that space forever. Well, guess what, people? People are constantly evolving and growing. You do not know what battles others are going through in life. At this point, when we are emerging into this new age, so many have awakened, yet others are going through the night of the soul. This is a rough period in which one undergoes excellent challenges. The universe is sculpting them through challenges to let go of old patterns and ego and become something new, shiny, unrestrained, happy, and at peace.

So let go of your judgment; it is an old, limiting way of being. Let go of self-judgment and find compassion and understanding. We are so often critical of ourselves. As you go through this process with yourself, you will automatically stop judging others. In doing this, you will lift the vibration of the collective.

Love and blessings,



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